John Bolton

Drudge informs us that Reince Priebus (remember it this way “ei…ie” symmetry) will be our glorious new president’s Chief of Staff. I’m fine with this. None of us plebs know the inside baseball. Priebus never stabbed Trump in the back, not like devious cuckold Paul Ryan or others of lesser name. Priebus wasn’t exactly fully on board the Trump Train, but then maybe he couldn’t be, and Trump accepts the reasons. Trump must see him as a familiar face to smooth feathers, and loyal enough, someone who can work with the GOP congress while Trump teaches those old dogs some new tricks. Introduces them to the new paradigm where the GOP wins Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Now we talk about John Bolton. I don’t like how this guy’s name is being floated. He was loyal enough to Trump over the campaign season, he’s a total troll who leftist hate, but he’s also a neocon. My hope is that Trump will continue Obama’s tendency to move America away from being a big dumb goon who does Israel’s bidding. Not all at once, but gradually, I think we should let the Israelis deal with their neighbors, not our problem and they do zero for us anyway. John Bolton is totally beholden to Israeli money and has his hands covered in blood from the Iraq war (“yellow cake” anyone?). Surely we can find other people for the new administration. No neocons, no Iraq war people. I’d suggest Rand Paul for any job Bolton was considered for.



You hear all sorts of emotionally fragile leftoids (who don’t even lift) threatening to take California out of the Union. I say “oh no…please don’t do that…oh no…”.

Of course having California leave the USA would be one of the greatest things imaginable. I actually love the Bay Area. What do they say about Naples? “its wonderful, except for its people”? That’s the Bay Area. But we’d have to of course build a wall around it so none of them could slither into our glorious God-protected Trumpdom.

I think it’s just a matter of time before some sort of arrangement needs to be made to account for the fact that this country just doesn’t work any more as a political unit. No, we can’t all get along, and the good news it we don’t have to.


Don’t let the door hit you in the ass

I propose that the northeast ex PA, parts of Maryland and Northern Virginia be turned into an east coast containment zone for shitlibs. They can do what they want, but they won’t drag the rest of down with them. California becomes the west cost zone. Citizenship is reassigned, borders are founded and populations are transferred. The new American capital. New Washington, or perhaps Trumople or Trumpton is established in Kansas City.

We of course can’t give Washington state or Oregon to the western leftoid containment zone for strategic reasons. Instead, I propose either shipping the urbanized population of these states to California, or perhaps controlling their behavior through some sort of draconian food rationing system.  I’ll have to discuss it with the ethnics committee.

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The popular vote

I’d just quickly point out that the Electoral College system affects the popular vote. I know people in Texas and Alabama who didn’t vote because they knew it was safe. California was safe too, but CA had a marijuana legalization initiative, to boost the deadbeat vote.

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Emperor Trump Must Crush the Fed

The Federal Reserve the the KEY to Trump’s agenda. They must be bent to his will.

Yellen must be removed as soon as possible and a stooge installed. Medium term, the FOMC must be nationalized, the Fed should be made into a government department, like any other.

I believe Donald J. Trump understands the interplay between monetary policy, markets and the economy better than any president in history. I thus believe he will act boldly, with his massive congressional advantage, to crush the failed Federal Reserve. It’s time that we the people, and our representatives take control of the money supply and nominal GDP. The goal of the Trump Administration should be up to 6% average yearly inflation over the next 4 years and 8% average yearly nominal GDP growth. We can’t mess around.


Lame old Fed boss Yellen had a big move in the markets. I wouldn’t want to bet on this though. Maybe Trump will make a deal with her, Fed becomes a paper mill and she stays in. Maybe he’ll take her furniture shopping?


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I won money tonight but I’m giveing it away

I’m not using this for personal consumption, direct or indirect, so I feel like it’s ok to share, so y’all know I had Talebian Skin in the Game.


Just glad I didn’t lose it!


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It looks like Trump will win.


I feel humble in a way I can’t recall feeling in a long time. I’m not read up on these statistics. Everything I deal with is 100% samples or i.i.d. I thought President Trump was going to lose NC for about an hour tonight. It was a dark time.

I’ve vowed not to be arrogant about this victory. I’m just very thankful. I hope we can sort out American First so that the good people feel like they’re invested.

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