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Don’t worry so much


If you’re plugged into the world of lawmakers, central bankers and economic journalists, its easy to get a bit depressed. However, things are well in the world of science and engineering.

Surely it would be better if more of our best and brightest found their way into the lab instead of the investment bank (alas there is path dependency). However, there are enough big brains working on the big problems to give me boundless hope for the future. Let the politicians tinker with the societal parameters, while technology and entrepreneurship tear the rug out from under them.

The following interview is with Dr. Doris Taylor. You may have heard of her work before. A few years ago, her team at the University of Minnesota grew a beating rat heart from stem cells. Think about that.

Tissue engineering, Google glasses, 3D printing and driverless cars. All these technologies work today, and they’ll only get better. Throw in the still-speculative, but well funded asteroid mining industry and the staggering volume of newly found oil in 2011/2012, and it becomes clear that we’re in for some serious aggregate supply in the next ten or twenty years. Stay long my friends.

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