Michael Moore on the election 

Moore is a reprehensible leftist, but I found this worthwhile. Warning, strong language:

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Trump signs in Vermont

I recently did a good deal of driving in Vermont. I’d say that along Route 7, Trump signs outnumbered Crooked signs 3:1.

Not saying the god-Emperor can win lefty Vermont, but it’s an interesting datum.

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How we should have handled Duterte

The first time Duterte called our president a “son of a whore” we should have flown some B52s low and slow over his house. Then we should have flown a B-1B over his house at 3AM going Mach 1, as low as safely possible.

Now we’ve lost the Philippines. This would have been hugely useful to have in a naval war with China. You could have constrained the Chinese navy by threatening it with cheap antiship middles and land-based attack aircraft if it got too close. The Philippines could have acted as a useful shield. Instead, it could now become a an anchor stop for Chinese warships.

 If we don’t act smart going forward, China will turn the whole of Southeast Asia into vassals.

Don’t sleep too late Duterte!

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The po-lice. Trump’s men.

Police are like a community in the US. Not so much members of their geographical community, but a politically unpopular bloc of unionized public workers.

No other group loves Trump more than police love Trump. He’s taken their side in all of the recent riot situations.

 Let me tell you ’bout the po-lice. The po-lice can pull you over and can arrest you. They can delay you. If the Philly police want to, they can, within the parameters of their job, make life hard for vans that pick up local people and work them through a list of names that are public knowledge. I.e. make sure voter participation in the ghettos is particularly high, and all going to the Hildabeast.
Cops can do a lot, nation wide, to disrupt the Democrat vote machine.

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The arrogance of the no fly zone

One of the most frustrating aspects of the situation in Syria is the way the media are misleading the American public about it. The media’s general approach is to throw out a meme: “moderate rebels” or “Trump refused to not contest the election under any and all circumstances and is thus bad”, and then with the meme out there, gather all sorts of outwardly different types of talking heads, on different shows, and have them all agree with the basic premise of the meme.

In this way the tiny oligarch clique who own all the media are able to trigger our human reflex to align with the opinions of people who seem authoritative. In this way our overlords are able to control the range of opinions we have. It takes a real fringe personality to completely disregard the perspectives of other people, and if the internet didn’t exist, I’d probably have views on the Syrian conflict that were within the bounds laid out in The Economist  or on TV news shows.

That’s what so great about the internet. You’re able to get the real shit. You’re able to sample a massive array of ideas and use your mind and figure out which set of ideas you think work for the matter at hand. Thus I know that the Syrian civil war is largely being fought by foreign mercenaries (the Sunni Syrians ran away to Germany, rather than fight, remember) using Gulf Arab money, probably with some assistance from the CIA and Mossad. Russia’s efforts in Syria have as much to do with defending one of the most ancient Orthodox Christian communities (and thus spiritual brethren with the Russians) as it does with preventing a pipeline to Anatolia being built through Syrian territory. In the Syrian Civil war, there’s a clear good guy, it’s not even close, it’s Assad.

Yet Americans, normal people who just want to watch football and stimulate their base animal desires, while taking a bit of time to learn which opinions they should have on the issues of the day, sort of think of Assad as a baddie. Assad kills his own people or something, (oh wow, look at this picture of beer I posted on instagram and also look at this carefully curated Potemkin lifestyle ruse I’ve crafted for facebook to boost my status).

Normal people aren’t bad, but they’re not going to take the time and energy needed to build an informed opinion.  They’re at the mercy of our controlled media, the easy media you find on TV and on magazine racks. They’re being fed this absurd position, this notion that America is the boss of the planet, that every country must bow and scrape at the feet of her corrupt politicians and deepstate. Everyone is supposed to get on board with the idea that we’ll set up arbitrary ‘no fly zones’ wherever we goddamn well please. If that means shooting down the aircraft of Russia, the 2nd or 3rd strongest military in the world, then so be it. Never mind that the Russians only have a handful of bases around the world, while we have hundreds. Or that the Russians are just people, really pretty similar to us actually, and just want a bit of respect, just want to have a few zones of influence and to no be lied to.

Remember, we’ve broken records when it comes to lying to Russia. We told Gorbachev NATO wouldn’t move east of the Oder-Neisse line. We told Russia we were there to help when they privatized state assets. Crooked Hillary promised Medvedev that the no fly zone in Libya wouldn’t be used to oust Gaddafi. Instead, the no fly zone turned into a ground attack offensive. The course of Libyan civil war was reversed. Gaddafi was brutally murdered and the richest country in Africa was ruined. This is demonstrably the truth of it, but people don’t know it. The media is telling people that the US is some noble force in the world, when in reality, we’re the baddies.

We’re a force for chaos in the world.  We plunge ancient, delicately balanced societies with lots of complex tribal dynamics into brutal conflicts. We get children maimed and horribly burned. Here’s some pictures of Syrian children injured, in one case gravely, by the so-called moderate rebels.

You want to know who’s “moderate”? Assad. Western-trained, belongs to a sort of crypto-Christian minority branch of Islam that celebrates Pascha (Easter) and uses Icons. His wife is highly educated and doesn’t cover her hair. She’s also his only wife. A Syrian woman I know talks fawningly of Assad, a reluctant sovereign, and how women can go to the beach in normal swim wear because of his family’s secular policies, can you even do that in France or Sweden these days? He is the face of moderate Islam.

The point is, the American government is profoundly arrogant. We’re going to burn the world down if we insist on being boss of everything.

Hillary Clinton and Hitler

It’s basically a consensus that Barbarossa triggered Hitler’s latent Parkinson’s. The guy was all messed up after the winter ’41 offensive when all those poor German soldier who probably just wanted to work in Volkswagen factories and drink awesome beer, fought in his stupid fucking war. It’s really so Sad, why couldn’t we get along? But anyway the important point is that Rotten Traitor to the Republic Hillary Clinton is just like dirty NAZI Hitler in having Parkinson’s disease and trying to hide in from a public who will bear the physical cost of her proposed wars.


Rotten Hillary is in league with Satan

Here’s a video of Hitler’s Parkinson’s symptoms

I mean, look, It’s terrible if one of your loved one’s also has Parkinson’s. The fate of Norns awaits us all right? But Crooked Hillary also has Parkinson’s, you know? Memory loss, random collapsing, eyes not tracking, unexplained head bobing. So she’s like Hitler in that way. Just saying. She wants to fight Russia, like Hitler. Want’s to blame ‘Russia’ like Hitler blamed ‘the Jews’. It’s just a convenient scapegoat for a more nuanced situation where the victims are just people, trying to get along, trying to make a better life.

P.S. here’s a clip of some Jewish Russians having a danceathone, festivities they could have because people like Putin’s grandpa bled and died to beat Crooked Hitler. Remember, Crooked Hillary wants to stir up trouble with these poor people.

How bad can the Russian really be? Some are these girls are real QTies! Oy yoy yoy! I would take them furniture shopping! Let me tell you!

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The Russians Ended the Holocaust

Some people in the media want you to think the Russians are baddies. That’s totally off. The Russian are the Good Guys. They beat the NAZIs.

Let me throw a statistic at you. 80% of Nazi losses in WW2 happened against the Russians. Seriously. The French? aahahahaha oh my. Hooo hooo ha ha. Ok I’ve recovered. Weeew that was fun! el Alamein? Ok. yeah my Saxon brothers showed those Krauts a thing or two. But the Eastern Front? Forget it.


The Eastern Front? Forget it!

The Russian fukt the Germans up, like, big league.


I was in Kiev this summer. I went to a museum for the second world war. People don’t know how many Nazi these Russians/Soviets fought, let me tell you. The first picture is a pile of Nazi helmets. They like piled them up they had do many. Like 2,124,352 DEAD NAZI KILLED. SLAVA ROSSIAY! SLAVA UKRAINA! Seriously y’all are both Slava and Slavic, can’t we all get along? The second image needs no explanation. Just imagine some Russian soldier ripping this vile flag off an occupied town center.RUSSIANS broke the Wehrmacht! These are fucking good people, we can get along with them. They cook with potatos and garlic. Their women have big eyes, wide hips and well-practiced scowls. Surely we can stand as brothers with them? The last pic is of the famous German army slogan, dating back to the great Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus: “God with Us!” when we beat those dirty Papists, and made them drink the Swedish Drink (ahahahaha suck it Papist!), perverted into the evil Nazi ideology which Russian blood did more than any other to extinguish. Seriously, are we going to get worked up about Russia? Russia steamrolled the NAZIs. Not even funny. If you can get along with the grand children of the people who CRUSHED the NAZIS, who can you get along with?

Donald Trump wants to try to get along with the Russians. The Russians beat the Nazis. Donald Trump wants to get along with the guys who beat the NAZIs. I don’t know. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Sounds to be like Donald Trump would have tried to beat the Nazis himself, if he had the chance.

Here’s a picture of Russian soldiers liberating Jewish prisoners from the Nazi death camp, Auschwitz. I mean seriously, these were the first boots on the ground to save the surviving Jewish people from the Nazis. Surely we can get along with these guys?


Will you try to get along with my grandson, if you can?

Here is a picture of me with my best m8 in front of a Russian T-34 that helped beat the NAZIs. We both want to try to be friends with Russia, if we can.


We Love Trump and Russia and Hate the NAZIs

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