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Don’t be a Sophist! Vote Gary Johnson


If you are an American citizen, and plan to vote tomorrow, I urge you to vote for Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party candidate for president.
Although I don’t agree with Johnson on everything (I’m a bit of a Malthusian), I do think that he is the best choice.

As I see it; a vote for Johnson tells the two big parties that Americans want more freedom, faster economic growth and less foreign intervention.

For folks on the left, It tells politicians that that you don’t want the NSA spying on innocent citizens and that you aren’t thrilled with the Orwellian NDAA. It says “I’m an adult and should be allowed to use or not use nonaddictive plants, with no reachable lethal dose”. For social conservatives, it is a loud and clear way to vent your anger at the overreaching blue states who impose their morality the on Christian-conservative parts of the country. For capitalists like myself, its a vote for faster growth, more technology, higher stock prices and private missions to Mars. In a country as big and diverse as America, the optimal framework is one which leaves a lot of decisions to local governments and local conditions, this is just what a more libertarian minded approach would give us.

If you live in a strongly Red or strongly Blue state, why not vote for Johnson? Remember, you’re vote doesn’t count unless you live in one of the 7 or 8 swing states.

If you are in a swing state, things get more complex, but you can still vote for Johnson without throwing your vote to whomever you hold to be the greater evil. Here is what I plan to do, because I vote in Pennsylvania this year, a state which matters.

As I would like to vote for Johnson, but do prefer one of the two main candidates, I am making an agreement with a friend who likes the Johnson ticket but ultimately prefers the other viable candidate. We both swear to vote for Johnson, thereby offsetting the impact of our votes on the eventual outcome. I urge swing state readers to do this if you can arrange it by tomorrow night.

Update: Looks like Scott Sumner is also backing Johnson!

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